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UntitledAfter a spending some time in New Zealand’s wine country, Tony Garcia realized he was enthralled by the chemistry behind alcohol. What he also realized is that the wine had inspired him, but he preferred beer. After his return and a 21st birthday, he started exploring the world of craft brewing. He wrote his senior thesis on the economics of the craft brewing industry while brewing from his kitchen in California. After graduation, he obtained a diploma in brewing science and technologies (his new found art) in Chicago and in the native soil of Oktoberfest itself, Germany. During many batches of experimentation, a few mistakes, and some professional help, Brues Brothers Brewing Company was born.

The Brues Brothers Brewing Company will open its first brewery in the Spring of 2014 in Pueblo, Colorado. Tony’s travels may have inspired his brewing but it is his long-time passion that will make this brewery unique. Brues Brothers from the name to the recipes of their beer is based around a singer-songwriter relationship. Tony is brewing the beer and the local musicians will create the culture that project the atmosphere around this craft brewer. Tony said, “So many times we listen to live musicians and go to concerts without understanding the history, influence, and ingredients behind the music.” It is the same with beer and he intends to unravel both for his patrons.

A Colorado native returned home, Tony combined his love of music, brewing, and has brought his knowledge back to his homeland. The brewery is under negotiations to be built in the old downtown Police building in Pueblo. It has already created a buzz with its central location on the Riverwalk. To codicil his brews, the brewery will also feature a full menu. While he would not divulge their signature cuisine just yet, whatever is on the menu will be sure to impress. A focal point for the city, the historic district is full of unique restaurants and Brues Brothers Brewing will be the perfect addition.

Brues Brothers will be serving an estimated six to seven different beers at a time. Tony’s personal favorite, a milk-stout, an original wheat, and possibly an IPA are among the candidates for the brewery opening. They plan to rotate between a variation of beers, constantly developing new, intriguing flavors for their loyal community members to enjoy. Like the musicians that will be playing in his tap room, he will be continuously “writing” new creative material for his clientry. The populace is excited to see something so progressive come to a new area of the state.  

Music inspired artwork will adorn the walls, live bands will play regularly, and a full display of the stainless steel equipment will allow the community to see the process behind the beer. Brues Brothers Brewing Company wants to share what goes on behind the scenes so others can learn to appreciate the creativity as much as Tony does. Supporting the spirit behind the local music scene and the integrity of their product is the motivation behind his goals. Their beer is more than just a glorified liquid. Blues Brothers Brewing Company is already a culture, a community asset, and a orchestral masterpiece.

Tony has shown how much he believes in the Pueblo community. After adventuring around the country and the world, he has brought what he learned back to his people. He wants to support the local community like they will almost certainly support him. Brues Brothers Brewing Company will be a assortment of camaraderie come the Spring of 2014. Until then, you will have to covet for some local guitar strumming and a silky smooth milk-stout from this fine craft brewer with great avidity.

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